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Immersion at the National Training Center of the Gendarmerie Forces (specific training)

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How to anticipate a crisis and draw up an optimal security plan? What is the right attitude to adopt in a crisis on an individual and collective level? How to react to an armed intrusion and how to establish a proper feedback process?

The auditors of the MBA specialized in Security Management went to meet these specialists in professional intervention & maintenance and re-establishment of order within the National Training Center of the Gendarmerie Forces. This European Center of Excellence hires every year close to 13 000 Gendarmerie officers as interns, and promotes the exchange of knowledge and intervention techniques with other professionals in the security sector (policemen, journalists, magistrates...).

The program includes real-life situations to learn how to manage stress and to work on team cohesion: escape routes in total darkness, obstacle course in nature, collective sports circuits. But it also includes in-depth lessons on the new legal framework for the use of weapons, the techniques and reflexes to adopt in case of an armed intrusion, the leading of a security audit, conflict and inappropriate reactions management techniques.


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