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Teaching methods

This unique training course is delivered by internationally renowned experts and supplemented by the know-how of elite units from the gendarmerie. As an attendee, you will improve your skills and strengthen your leadership qualities while refining your knowledge in terms of security strategy.
The entire course is devised to facilitate and optimise exchanges between public and private actors from the security/safety sector, with a common objective: to work in synergy and develop a network of leading professionals in the sector to better apprehend the new risks that weigh upon modern organisations.

Academic program

International security environment


This module, led by Professor Pascal CHAIGNEAU, deals with current issues at stake in geopolitics, the organisation of powers in the contemporary world, and international law-enforcement cooperation / international joint law-enforcement You will also go over the current state of conflicts, security issues, strategic changes and crises and influence factors.

Risk management


Led by Professor Jean-Louis SCARINGELLA, this module aims at acquiring the tools and concepts which are necessary to understand the strategy of any organisation in terms of economic intelligence, country risk, financial issues, and crisis communication.

Modern security challenges


Led by lecturer Rémy FÉVRIER, this module deals with the current state of criminal and terrorist phenomena as well as the economic and financial delinquency, taking into account the geostrategic dimension of digital risks.


Domestic security actors, concerns and issues


Led by Frédérci DEBOVE, this module gives you the keys to understanding the co-production of security, through the study of national and international legal framework, the criminal liability of the company director, the actors of domestic security, the concerns, issues and interministerial environment of national security.



Security management techniques


Directed by Professor Véronique CHANUT, this module gives you the keys to improve your skills as an operational and effective manager thanks to management techniques and tools, new managerial practices and methods in terms of change management.


Cyber threats


Directed by Professor David NACCACHE, this module deals with the founding principles of cybersecurity and the major challenges of the 21st century in terms of cybercrime, security of means and payment systems, security of communication infrastructures and cyberphysics. IT systems expertise on a criminal and civil aspect will be looked into.


Specific training

The specific training consists involved as closely as possible to real-life situations by getting familiar with the best of the field experience of the elite units of the French Gendarmerie and learning about large private companies that place the function of safety/security at the heart of strategy.


Security strategies and policies

Introduction course : improving one's leadership skills and management approacch, implementation of a general global security policy (example of an international group).

Security strategy : integration of the security plicy into the company's support process (Airbus Helicopters), design and implementation of a security strategy : example of a nuclear security program (within Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition).

Security performance management : safety management ( ADIT Group : strategic intelligence agency based in Paris)


Facing complex security situations

Environment, threats and risks: monitoring and influence (INHESJ - Institut national des hautes études pour la sécurité et la justice)

Crisis management: responding to an armed intrusion (national training centre for gendarmerie forces in St Astier), crisis management exercises/drills (INHESJ)


Security cooperation between governments and private companies

Actors and organisations : actors and private organisations (security accounting and finance), actors and sovereign agencies (presentation made by gendarmes)

Aid provided to decision-makers : reasoning methods, thinking plans over before taking action (French Navy) 


Security issues in the corporate world

Physical safety of persons: negotiation (GIGN/French gendarmerie elite intervention unit), physical safety of expatriates (Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs)

Security of equipments on sites : security of airport area (gendarmerie air transport department), marine site security (maritime gendarmerie), economic safety and heritage protection.



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