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Immersion at Airbus Helicopters & the Gendarmerie maritime (specific training)

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How to succeed in defining a security/safety policy in line with a company's business objectives? What role can a multinational company have in National Defense?

This week we went to meet the very passionate employees of Airbus Helicopters at Marignane ! After having had the exclusive privilege of visiting, in complete confidentiality, the assembly line of the future helicopters, the auditors of the MBA specialized in "Safety Management" had the opportunity to exchange with the Group's specialists in industrial safety and economic intelligence. As a world market leader and an exemplary safety model, this 22,000 employees company made it its number one priority to ensure the safety of thousands of people who fly more than 3 million hours aboard its helicopters every year. Nowadays, rescue teams around the world are able to save three lives every minute using Airbus helicopters !

On the second day, we headed to the Gendarmerie Maritime and met with key witnesses (private/public) in oder to understand how an industrial-port site works, and to see the threats and solutions implemented in terms of maritime and port security. A real inter-service coordination takes place between the State (Maritime Prefecture, Maritime Gendarmerie, Police Prefecture), and the private and economic actors of the port (Grand Port of Marseille, port pilots, shipping companies...). Here too, collective synergy and anticipation are essential factors to ensure optimal security of flows.


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